Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Legion Alpha Coming Back Today

So while I've been shooting/clawing things in Heroes of the Storm, the Alpha test for World of Warcraft: Legion is due to start up again today.

Hopefully this also means a new build with new content to test. While there's been a fair amount of pretty-polished-for-technically-pre-beta stuff tested already, there have been some notable gaps, like one or two missing specs for most classes, or in the case of Shamans, all three.

I'm sure we'll be getting more info very soon, but my wishlist for this build is:

Vengeance Demon Hunters - I want to see how they're really going to work.

A New Zone: Either Azsuna or Val'sharah would be good, as those are the other two level-up zones before Suramar.

More specs implemented: Many classes only have had only one available spec to test. I think the most radical redesigns were mostly implemented already, though one that hasn't that I'm eager to hear about is Demonology.

A working Transmog system: Apparently up until this point, trying to use the new wardrobe feature just crashes the game client. So that seems like a good thing to work on fixing.

More Dungeons: I believe only Black Rook Hold and Halls of Valor have been playable. One that I'm very curious about is the Violet Hold. I wonder if it will be a direct revamp (small room with waves of trash) or if it will be a totally different dungeon. I'm assuming the former.

I'll comment on what shows up, but I'd recommend checking out WoWHead and MMO-Champion to get all the latest info.

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