Thursday, March 10, 2016

Azmodunk Skin Coming to Heroes of the Storm

Azmodan was one of the original "heroes" in Heroes of the Storm, and probably the character's most famous ability is his Globe of Annihilation, where Azmodan tosses a massive ball of demonic magic at long distances - with talents, quite amazingly long distances, which allow him to wreck enemy heroes and structures from so far that the targets can barely see them coming.

This has of course grown into a sort of meme, calling Azmodan "Azmodunk" and many videos with commentary from the classic basketball video game NBA Jam "From Downtown!"

Anyway, Blizzard is aware of said meme.

This new skin for Azmodan gives the Lord of Sin a jersey and sweatbands and a nice big basketball to hold onto. His summonable minions get their own basketball-themed uniforms. And yes, this is not merely a skin, but incorporates new animations and voice emotes, such as "Doom-shakalaka!"

Anyway, this self-aware humor is one of my favorite things about Blizzard.

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