Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Alarak, Zarya, and New Map, Skins and Mounts Coming to Heroes of the Storm

I've been very focused on the pre-Legion events in World of Warcraft, but this bit of news hit me via YouTube.

There is an upcoming event in Heroes of the Storm called "Machines of War." Much like the Eternal Conflict event focused on Diablo, this one will focus on Starcraft, including two new Starcraft-themed maps called Braxis Holdout and Warhead Junciton.

Braxis Holdout will have your team capturing beacons to fill your side's holding cells with Zerg. Once either holding cell is full, the zerg are unleashed to attack the other side, preferring hero targets.

Warhead Junction will have nukes spawn that you can pick up and launch at your opponents' fortifications, though if you die before you send it off, your enemies can take the nuke and use it against you.

Heroes is getting two new heroes, Alarak from Starcraft and Zarya from Overwatch.

Alarak is an Assassin. He's melee, but has lots of ranged abilities to pull his targets to him.

The thing that has me most excited about Alarak is that his first alternate skin is "Herald of N'zoth," turning him into a N'raqi from the Warcraft universe (basically their equivalent of Mindflayers/Ilithids, and more commonly referred to as Faceless Ones.)

Zarya is a ranged warrior, with lots of shielding abilities as well as the ability to trap enemies and bombard them with grenades.

There are also new skins for Rexxar ("Raider Rexxar," a sort of Terran armor look,) Kerrigan ("Queen of Ghosts," which gives her more of a Terran tech look,) and the Butcher ("Butcherlisk," making him look like an Ultralisk.) There's also a ghost-themed motorcycle.

Anyway, I've been saying for a long time that we needed some sci-fi themed Heroes maps, so I'm pretty happy about this upcoming event.

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