Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Darkbough - How Not to Screw Up

Given the name of the blog, it shouldn't surprise you that I have now run Darkbough, Emerald Nightmare's first LFR wing, on four characters (minus one Nythendra on my Demon Hunter.) I've done two from a tank perspective (Paladin, DK) and two from a melee dps perspective (Demon Hunter, Shaman - though the DH is way behind on his Havoc artifact.)

Overall these fights are really not too bad on LFR. There is a degree of personal responsibility that sometimes makes LFR fights painful, but the tuning is such that it's not all that punishing if people screw up.

1. Drop them puddles elsewhere!

Funnily enough, all three of the Darkbough boss fights involve people being targeted with an ability that causes them to spawn a "void zone" after a couple seconds. You can save your raid a real hassle (especially melee) if you place these intelligently.

On Nythendra, you want to try to put your Rot puddles all near each other - essentially within the same "pizza slice" with the boss at its center. At the very least, try not to place it behind a big group of people, as when it gets sucked in, they'll all have to move. Melee can actually sometimes play a funny trick where you just drop it directly under the boss, but there's not a ton of room for that.

On Il'gynoth and Elerethe Renferal, you just want to take whatever puddle/tornado you're going to spawn and put it at the edge of the area you're currently occupying.

2. Nythendra - Don't stand in her breath or near insects!

The breath is pretty obvious, but the insects are a little tricker as they are actually always there - they just get larger and start radiating green stink - all while you're looking for green rot puddles. These insects deal a bunch of damage, so you really need to watch out for them.

3. Il'gynoth - Run your oozes to the eye and get the hell out of the tree before he finishes casting!

You can't proceed on Il'gynoth until the eye is destroyed, and that means that whoever gets fixated by the oozes has got to drag them to the big eye. Also, don't kill those things until they're there. Also, players will learn very quickly that if they stay inside the tree until Il'gynoth finishes casting his spell, you'll die super-quick. As in: instantly.

4. Elerethe - Don't ever let her walk on the webs!

On my Shaman we had a troll (actually a Blood Elf - different meaning) who kept taunting the boss and taking her to one of the web bridges. This apparently enrages her - giving her a "you ran out of time" hard enrage while she's there. The only time anyone should be on a bridge is when she's in Roc form and has just moved to another platform.

If you follow these simple steps, you won't embarrass yourself and will probably see that loot (or more likely gold - on four characters I literally got only one piece of gear, and that was a bonus roll) all the quicker.


In the trash after Nythendra, don't walk through the shadowy clouds. They spawn additional trash, and why not just move past it? Good luck making sure no one in a 25-player LFR group does this.

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