Thursday, March 23, 2017

7.2 Tomb of Sargeras Drops March 28th

While those of us who raid LFR are probably still working on filling out tier sets in the Nighthold, this coming Tuesday we're going to be getting 7.2, the first big patch (not that 7.1 was small) and with it, eventually, the second official raid tier of Legion.

And we got a pretty kick-ass patch trailer too!

It looks like Kil'jaeden is not so happy about the repeated failures of the Legion to conquer Azeroth, and even gets into a little tiff with...

Oh crap, that's freaking Sargeras.

So if there were any doubts that Sargeras was running the show, here we see Kil'jaeden expressing a surprising amount of frustration with the Dark Titan. And we even get a glimpse of Argus, cracked by fel magic but still somewhat intact - the price that Kil'jaeden paid for the power Sargeras gave him.

So let's go over the major features of the 7.2 patch:

New Zone: The Broken Shore:

Technically you can already go to this zone in-game, but there's not really anything here (maybe some of the Kosuth the Hungering quests.) But with the Legion amping up their invasion, this place is the major battlefront.

The Broken Shore will see the various class orders allying as the Armies of Legionfall (the Ebon Blade/Silver Hand alliance might be a little awkward...) with new world quests and bringing back the Nethershard currency. Servers will be able to build up various structures that give bonuses to those questing on the isles.

New Raid: Tomb of Sargeras:

The second major raid tier and fourth raid of Legion (yep, already past Warlords) will see us delving into the Tomb, fighting demons and some allied Naga, as well as the construct that once served as the Avatar of Sargeras, as well as Kil'jaeden the Deceiver himself.

The raid will have nine bosses and has the tier 20 sets. These sets are based on the tier 6 (Black Temple/Hyjal Summit) sets, with the obvious exceptions for Death Knights, Monks, and Demon Hunters, who get new designs.

New Dungeon: Cathedral of Eternal Night:

This 4-boss dungeon will see us accompanying Illidan and Maiev to the top of the old Temple of Elune (under which is the Tomb of Sargeras) as we attempt to unlock the temple using the Aegis of Aggramar and fight the dreadlord Mephistroph.

CoEN will have a Heroic and Mythic mode, as well as a Mythic Plus mode. Additionally, heroic versions of Arcway, Court of Stars, and Return to Karazhan (divided into two wings) will be added, which means all the dungeons will be queue-able. CoEN's mythic mode should also have higher-quality gear (I think comparable to Nighthold LFR.)

New Class Content:

Each class gets a second part to their campaigns, culminating in a quest that rewards flying class mounts. Many of these mounts come in various colors - either duplicates that are available for purchase once the first one is attained or colors that shift as you change specs.

New Artifact Traits and Knowledge:

AK will go up so that we can get more AP to fill up new artifact traits. There will be a relatively short quest chain that players get after doing the initial Broken Shore stuff - one chain for each artifact, though you'll need to get the 35th trait to unlock the chain. In addition to a number of all-new traits, all 3-point traits will get a third rank for you to invest in.

Challenge Artifact Appearances:

Continuing, I believe, the chains that unlock the new traits, you'll be able to do a very challenging scenario to unlock a new artifact appearance. The first attempt will be free, but subsequent attempts will cost Nethershards, so this is something players might want to gear up for (it's being compared to the Green Fire quest from Mists of Pandaria, that was quite the challenge.)


Broken Isles Pathfinder part two will be achievable this patch, which will allow your characters (account wide) to fly around the Broken Isles. This involves getting revered with the Armies of Legionfall, finishing the new class campaign, and some other things (I believe getting a certain number of Nethershards, for example.)

Legion Invasions:

Invasions will be hitting the Broken Isles - attacking all five of the main zones. These don't work quite like the pre-expansion event. Instead, it appears that you'll have world-quest-like objectives to fight off the invading demonic forces. Then, a quick series of quests will lead to you boarding the demonic assault ship and defeat the leader of the invasion, which takes the form of a three-player scenario. These will reward gear and, I believe, Nethershards.

This should be a nice and big patch, adding to an expansion that I already find quite excellent.

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