Thursday, May 25, 2017

Finally Hitting the Shore

After being away for over two months, I was finally able to do some significant work on the Broken Shore and its new content.

So far I've gotten new followers, upgraded artifacts, and the ability to research new AK levels on my Paladin, Death Knight, and Demon Hunter, who are my "top three" guys (Shaman and Rogue will go next.)

There's a lot of stuff to handle - a new dungeon (which I've run once on the tankadin) and new followers along with a much higher follower item level cap (and thus quests requiring much more.)

So far I'm finding the Broken Shore decent, though I think that while a new zone for world quests is never a terrible idea, I'd have tried to work in some of the unstructured content we had in places like the Timeless Isle.

Plotwise, I've gotten Anduin through his grieving process (not sure if the Horde has an equivalent quest chain, though I'm given to understand they don't,) but we're still definitely in a holding pattern when it comes to the raid.

I'm somewhat encouraged that I'm already maybe a quarter or even a third of the way to revered with Armies of the Legionfall, which is the only thing I need for the flying achievement (not sure if the class mount quest follows from that or if it's something they're still holding back.)

And I have not even made an attempt at the artifact challenge, as I'm given to understand that it - and particularly the tanking challenge - is very difficult and might be better attempted once I get a little of that Tomb of Sargeras stuff.

I spent some Marks of Honor on the previous PvP season's DK look, which is pretty great, but I'm thinking I might save the other twelve I have for 7.3, as the Paladin Lightbringer lookalike PvP set (Alliance blue) is directly up my alley (while I tend to go for Tier 8 Aegis as my go-to transmog, tier 6 and I guess also 20 now is what I think of as the absolute most quintessential paladin armor set. There is no doubt that you're looking at a heroic good guy in heavy armor.)

Of course, I have nine more characters to take to the Broken Shore, but as long as these three are up and active and getting their sweet sweet artifact knowledge research, I'm ok.

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