Wednesday, June 28, 2017

7.3 PTR Going Up

Well, with Tomb of Sargeras now available and even open for LFR (at least the first wing) Blizzard is doing their Mists-era strategy of pushing the next PTR patch.

And this one's a doozy.

While we knew it was time to go there in 7.3, the end of the Tomb of Sargeras raid makes it very clear that Argus is our next stop on the campaign against the Burning Legion.

It's only just going up on the PTR, so there's a very incomplete picture of what we'll be seeing, but the gist seems to be this: Argus will be a new area with world quests, a dungeon, and a raid. It seems it will be a bit like Icecrown in that there's no real safe place to land, as the place is totally saturated with demons. However, it will also be a no-fly zone. To deal with that, we'll apparently get access to a ship called the Vindicaar (maybe a re-named Exodar? Not sure, but it would make sense to rename the Exodar if it's going home.)

The new raid will be called Antorus, the Burning Throne. Given that there appear to be models for Titans (one "Argus Titan," and then Aman'thul and Aggramar) seen on WoWHead, I'm feeling pretty confident that Sargeras is going to be the headliner.

A new dungeon called Seat of the Triumvirate will also come with it.

There will also be some kind of scenario or something in which players will be able to travel to other worlds the Legion is invading and help stop them. Hey, maybe that means Azeroth isn't alone in this (sorry Outland, you don't count as a planet anymore.)

It actually seems as if Argus may be composed of multiple zones, or perhaps function like Vashj'ir with its three individually-mapped sub-zones. Mac'aree seems to be the location of the Seat of the Triumvirate (naturally.)

Of course artifacts are going to get further upgraded some way, though I'm not sure if it'll be like they did in this patch or some other way.

Now, tidbits and spoilers:

Looking at the icons WOWHead picked up, it seems as if there's a set that looks very, very reminiscent of Bloodborne's iconic 18th/19th-century leather armor. I'm a huge fan of Bloodborne (see this blog) and would be ridiculously happy to have my Undead Rogue decked out like he's about to tear Yharnam a new one (also, the tri-corner hats will work well for Pirate-themed Outlaw Rogues. Still good for Subtlety, though!)

I've got to say, I don't do much RP in game, but I do have backstories for my main characters, and this is really serious stuff for my DK. Returning to Argus is something he always wanted to do, but only now, after he's lost everything, including his own true life, and to see it so deeply corrupted by the Fel, it's certainly bittersweet at absolute best.

It also seems that there might actually be...

Hang on. SPOILERS.

It also seems like there might be a faction of non-demonic Eredar who were left behind by the Draenei and have been waging a guerilla war for the last 25,000 years. We're also presumably going to get a better look at the Army of the Light. (I still want to get the backstory on Lothraxion!)

EDIT: Ok, big thing:

It appears that some of the Titans (including Aggramar) will actually be bosses in Antorus. The final boss appears to be "Argus the Unmaker."


We know that Azeroth has a Titan World-Soul within it but that Draenor never did.

However, I think what this implies is that Argus absolutely did as well. But Sargeras got to him. Now, is this guy corrupted by the Void? Or by the Fel? The model actually looks a pretty healthy arcane blue and gold (kind of classic Titan colors.) But "Unmaker" really sounds a lot like the kind of Void Titan that the Old Gods have been trying to achieve with Azeroth.

Is Argus Sargeras? (There are similar letters, but I'd assume whatever planet Sargeras emerged from was just, you know, the Planet Sargeras.)

If Argus is a heretofore unknown Titan, I really want to know what role he plays in the Legion and this expansion. Assuming he's the final boss, what will we learn about him before facing him?

I expect huge revelations.

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