Friday, October 16, 2015

Overwatch Beta Coming Oct. 27th

This is actually somewhat old news, but I hadn't mentioned it, making it new!

Overwatch, Blizzard's upcoming competetive FPS is going into its beta on October 27th, which is pretty darn soon.

Now, I'm a bit ambivalent about Overwatch. The aesthetics of the game look fantastic - they're basically ripped right out of a hypothetical Pixar superhero movie (one in which guns are ok) - and I do enjoy shooters (I played a ton of Goldeneye back in the day.)

But I really don't go in for PvP games much. When it comes to FPSs, I really prefer the campaign mode, or, if possible, I go for single-player shooters, like Bioshock or Half-Life. Actually, a dream-game of mine would be an open-world FPS - a bit like Fallout, but balanced around the absence of the VATS system and less inventory-management. (Actually, to elaborate further, I'd love a game with the upcoming No-Man's Sky's space exploration and planet-hopping, though with a finite number of designed planets with real stories, rather than a procedurally-generated infinitude.)

I hope there will at least be a vs. Bots mode for Overwatch, because I would like to try to game out. I've actually never played an FPS on my computer, as opposed to a console, so I'm sure that it will feel pretty weird to control. Given Diablo III's successful console release, I wouldn't be all to surprised if we wind up with Overwatch on consoles as well.

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