Sunday, February 21, 2016

Prot Paladins Getting a Flail?

One constant in the Legion Alpha is the addition of new artifact weapon alternate models. Given that we're only going to be using the one weapon through the expansion (or two if you dual-wield,) they want to ensure that we have a decent amount of visual distinctiveness. What's cool is that this means that if you're not a big fan of, say, guns, but you like being a Beast Mastery Hunter, it looks like there will be at least one bow and one crossbow option for you (though seriously, just use guns. How many fantasy games let you use a gun?)

Until recently, every version of Oathseeker, the protection paladin sword that comes with the shield Truthguard (the shield being the half of the pair with its own unique properties) has looked like a simple re-color, regardless of which model you choose for your shield. But that seems to be changing, and the really exciting thing is that it appears that one of these models will be a flail.

In addition to the fact that the flail seems to match the "Holy Fire" Truthguard model, another piece of supporting evidence that this goes to Tankadins is that it recalls our Diablo III equivalent - the Crusader. In Diablo III, each class has its own unique weapon type in addition to unique armor types (actually, Crusaders are the exception here, unless you count Crusader Shields as armor instead of weapons.) Crusaders get Flails (in both one and two-handed varieties, though they have an optional special passive ability that allows them to wield a 2-hander with a shield.)

There is one logical problem with using a flail as a tank - namely how one parries (though I suppose you could kind of swat the enemy's weapon out of the way - it would require much quicker reflexes.) Still, this is a type of weapon that we've never seen in WoW, and it would be cool to let Protection Paladins use it.

EDIT: Here's video of the Flail in action:

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