Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Subtlety Getting Some Big Changes (Perhaps Reversions) in the Legion Alpha

About a month ago, I was writing a bunch of spec break-downs for Legion. Well, inevitably, there's some big news on the horizon - namely that Subtelty is going to get some significant changes in an upcoming (not necessarily next) Alpha build.

The big thing is that Shadow Dance is going to become an active ability once again, rather than a passive. They decided that the opener-generator-finisher-opener cycle wasn't really interesting enough. Honestly, while I've been hoping for Shadow Dance to become a proc to react to rather than an activated CD for a long time, I actually think that this is necessary.

As written, the soon-to-be-defunct Alpha version of Shadow Dance gives a 20% chance per combo point to put you into stealth, or at least let you use Stealth openers. Unfortunately, that 20-per-CP system means that this isn't really a proc to keep track of, but rather something you'll always get when you're using your fully-powered finishers. This actually winds up giving Subtlety a nearly-static rotation. The only thing that mixes it up is Shadow Techniques, which gives you a chance to generate extra combo points.

I'm rather curious to see what they come up with. Simply putting Shadow Dance back the way it is on live might be better, but I really think they need to do something to make sure that there's a "blindingly fast strike from the shadows" flavor to the spec.

One possibility I'd recommend is some proc to reset Shadow Dance's CD. It's only on a minute-long cooldown, so I don't know what the right chance would be.

I realize that snappy, proc-based gameplay looks like the direction they want more for Outlaw rogues, but I think that even if Sub winds up being a more steady, predictable rotation, it's pretty important for the flavor to make sure that openers hit very hard.

I'll be keeping an eye on this as it develops.

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