Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Specs of Choice in Legion

As the title of the blog suggests, I play characters of each class. Since Cataclysm I've always gotten each class up to the level cap (Wrath was 9/10, as I just couldn't finish up the Priest.) I'm not much of a raider (our guild doesn't even tend to finish Normal modes,) and there are definitely some classes I spend way more time on than others. My Priest and Druid, for example, hit level 100 and more or less just chilled there, my goal accomplished. But I do like to play each class at least up to the level cap, and that means picking a spec. So what spec am I finding most exciting for Legion?

Paladin: Protection

This one's kind of obvious. I'm my guild's most veteran tank and my Paladin has been my main since Burning Crusade, always mainspeccing tank. I am certain I'll play plenty of Retribution while soloing, and I want to get my Ashbringer buffed up decently, but I really have to imagine that my main guy will stay Prot.

Death Knight: Frost

I might find myself going blood more often if queues for DPS get absurd (as they tend to,) and I'll admit that I've felt a little... negligent running as Frost for basically two expansions now. But even though they've eliminated two-handed frost in Legion (technically I think you can still play it that way before getting your artifact, but it really looks like they're putting 2H on the chopping block,) they're keeping its Obliterate-focused rotation (the version of Frost I always liked better) and the artifact weapon is (essentially) freaking Frostmourne, so I kind of have to, right?

Warrior: Arms

This one's a bit of a tough call, and I might go back and instead run as Fury. Mainly I'm just overjoyed that Arms once again makes sense as a rotation. It's a little simplistic, maybe, but Tactician seriously makes this spec come alive again. Still, Fury does look cool and I think I actually prefer the look of its artifact weapon set, so don't hold me to this one.

Hunter: Beast Mastery

My Hunter has been BM for a good long while now, and I don't see that changing soon. I'll admit that there's also a major factor in the fact that its artifact weapon is a gun. My Hunter is a dwarf, and he doesn't like those flimsy little bows. He wants a big "BOOM" every time he pulls the trigger (I actually did a minor hack on my own game files to change the sound effects back from the airsoft sound they introduced in Warlords.) It's a pain that while Titanstrike has alternate bow and crossbow skins, the Marks bow can only be changed to a crossbow.

Shaman: Enhancement

Not only has my Shaman been Enhancement since vanilla (though admittedly I was playing more with my dwarf shaman in Mists, who is Elemental,) but we also get the freaking Doomhammer as the artifact weapon. Sold. Also I'm really liking the radical redesign of the spec.

Druid: Guardian

Yes, my Druid hasn't been a tank for a good long time, but the tweaks to the rotation have got my attention. I'm never really satisfied with any of the Druid specs, but if I can have fun tanking on it, that's always going to feel pretty good.

Rogue: Subtlety

As I said in a previous post, Subtlety in Legion is finally the spec I always wanted it to be, from way back in vanilla. That being said, I also love how Outlaw has replaced the most boring Rogue spec with something that has some real personality, so I'm certainly going to pick up those artifacts (and if, like in Mists and Cataclysm, I level up multiple toons of the same class, my Worgen Rogue will absolutely be a pirate.)

Monk: Brewmaster

Like my Paladin, this guy has always been a tank. I see no reason to stop now, especially now that they've finally made Breath of Fire worth using in the rotation.

Demon Hunter: Vengeance

Big caveat here: I'm going to play both specs and get a feel for which I like more. I generally default to tanking just because of the obvious benefits (want to run a dungeon? Run a dungeon now!) But I also get the impression that there's plenty of interesting stuff going on with the spec. Admittedly, I think the Havoc artifact looks better, but I'll try both.

Warlock: Demonology

It's my default Warlock spec, and even though it has changed almost entirely, I like the new Demo too. Plus I kind of find Destro and Aff boring. I only wish there were something in the spec that was affected by my Codex of Xerrath. At least I have the Black Harvest title.

Mage: Frost

This is the one spec that has almost no changes whatsoever, especially now that they've introduced Flurry to take the place of Frostfire Bolt. I'll miss FFB, as it was maybe the prettiest spell in the game (possibly tied with Arcane Barrage,) but I think the spec should survive just fine.

Priest: Shadow

Kind of by default, as I'm not really into healing. I might experiment with Discipline, but I have no idea how Blizzard is going to balance that spec, especially for 5-player content.

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