Friday, July 8, 2016

Tomes of Illusion - Weapon Enchant Transmog

The new transmog system is going to allow players to collect as many gear appearances as there are for them to have. In Warlords, those of us who had an enchanting building in our garrisons with a follower could use weapon enchant illusions, changing the appearance of weapon enchants, the sort of "last piece of the puzzle" in visual customization.

But given that we're leaving our garrisons behind, what is the alternative?

The answer is that weapon enchants will also be saved under appearances. However, collecting these looks will work a little differently. You won't simply get the enchant on a soulbound weapon and have it from then on out. Instead, you'll need to collect illusions to add them to your appearance tabs.

A large number of these will be drops off of raid bosses. There are two in 7.0's raid: a Nightmare illusion that drops off Xavius (in all difficulties) and a Chronos illusion off of Chronomatic Anomaly in the Nighthold. There are also several that can be found on older bosses, like the Mark of the Shadowmoon off Ner'zhul in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, or Flametongue off of Ragnaros in Molten Core.

Some will be available form vendors, such as Executioner, which is gotten from the Consortium in Outland at a certain reputation level.

However, I believe the majority of weapon illusions are going to be gained by having an Enchanter make (or if you have an enchanter on your account, making your own) a Tome of Illusion. There are six Tomes of Illusion to be had - one for each expansion before Legion and one for vanilla. These tomes use materials from those expansions, so you might want to start collecting now.

Here's the list!

As a note, Crystals are typically the result from disenchanting epic/purple gear from the appropriate expansion. Shards are the same, but for rare/blue gear. Dust and Essences tend to come from uncommon/green gear, and often Essences will come in Greater and Lesser varieties, typically allowing you to combine three lessers to make a greater. Likewise, elemental components in BC and Wrath can often be found as smaller items that are combined into the larger pieces.

Vanilla: Fiery Weapon, Unholy Weapon, Coldlight

10 Large Brilliant Shards (disenchant blue gear from high-level dungeons like Lower Blackrock Spire or Sunken Temple.)
5 Essence of Water
5 Essence of Fire
5 Essence of Undeath
3 Light Parchment (purchasable from a vendor)

BC: Battlemaster, Spellsurge, Netherflame

10 Void Crystals, gained from disenchanting BC epics/purple gear
5 Large Prismatic Shards, gained from disenchanting BC rare/blue gear
5 Primal Fire
5 Primal Mana
3 Light Parchment (purchasable from a vendor)

Wrath: Berserking, Greater Spellpower, Icy Chill

10 Abyss Crystals
5 Dream Shards
8 Greater Cosmic Essences 
4 Eternal Water
3 Light Parchment (purchasable from a vendor)

Cataclysm: Windwalk, Heartsong, Light of the Earth-Warder

10 Maelstrom Crystals 
10 Heavenly Shards 
5 Volatile Air 
5 Volatile Earth
3 Light Parchment (purchasable from a vendor)

Mists: Windsong, Elemental Force, Breath of Yu-Lon

10 Sha Crystals 
2 Imperial Amethysts
2 Wild Jade
2 Vermillion Onyx
3 Light Parchment (purchasable from a vendor)

Draenor: Mark of the Frostwolf, Mark of the Thunderlord

20 Temporal Crystals
10 Sorcerous Air 
10 Sorcerous Water 
15 Savage Blood

3 Light Parchment (purchasable from a vendor)

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