Thursday, October 6, 2016

Alt-Friendly Changes in 7.1

With 7.1 on the PTR and people already testing Trial of Valor and Return to Karazhan, there are of course, also some under-the-hood changes coming.

Right now, leveling up a new alt means that hitting 110 is only sort of the point at which you can set them down and pick them up when you're ready to gear them. You still need to unlock World Quests, which requires doing a few quest chains in Suramar. And if you want to run either of Suramar's mythic-only dungeons, you'll need to do a fairly significant portion of the Nightfallen quest chain in order to unlock them.

In 7.1, these things are changing - but only for alts.

If you have unlocked World Quests on any character (which, unless you just started playing through the expansion, you probably have,) your new 110 characters will be able to immediately go to Khadgar and grab a Flight Master Whistle and start doing those world quests.

Similarly, the Arcway and Court of Stars dungeons will now be unlocked for your entire account once you have beaten the dungeons on any character. So while you will still have to get through the quests up to that point (and unlike World Quests, I imagine there are a fair number of people who have not yet done so) on your main character, subsequent ones will be able to run them as long as you've beaten them on the character who unlocked them in the first place.

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