Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Timewalking Rewards in 7.0

Well, we've got our first Timewalking weekly event, bringing us Timewalking versions of Burning Crusade dungeons. I'm eager to take my Demon Hunter through them this week (having orcs cry "Lok'tar Illidari" and Naga shouting "Illidan Reigns" should be pretty ironic for an Illidan loyalist who is fighting them.)

Timewalking dungeon rewards are 820, which is probably going to be pretty underwhelming if you've been running mythic dungeons, but if you have a fresh 110 or even someone who's still getting stuff out of heroics, it should be a really potent catch-up to let you start running LFR and the like.

However, unless you're quite the hardcore raider, there's a pretty good reason to run your 5 dungeons on your well-geared characters. Archmage Timear will reward you with a Seal of Broken Fate, an AP item that yields a fairly high amount (I think it's on par with the ones that drop off raid bosses) and most importantly, a Cache of Nightmare Treasures, which contains a normal-mode 850 epic item. While I might have been disappointed that I got a helmet when my own helmet is 855, I was happy to get the Paladin tier-lookalike helmet, so I'm satisfied.

Timewalking dungeons are pretty undertuned at the moment - they might be tuned appropriately to our level, but don't seem to compensate for the fact that we also have artifact weapons, and thus are performing far better than we would with ordinary weapons.

Also, yes, Black Morass is still in the rotation, despite the fact that we already have Violet Hold 2.0 among the normal Legion dungeons. Frankly I really wish they'd replace Black Morass with Old Hillsbrad, as I think nearly everyone preferred that dungeon back in the day.

There's no new LFR wing this week, but next week we'll have The Rift of Aln, which contains the Xavius boss fight and will allow players who are on the raid quest step of the Suramar quest chain to progress further.

Also, for those of us trying to get the Unleashed Monstrosities achievement, unfortunately this week's world boss is Withered J'im again, though I can't complain too much as a number of my characters have gotten loot off of him.

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