Saturday, November 19, 2016

Emerald Nightmare: Normal Mode!

I sometimes (affectionately) refer to my guild as the World of Warcraft clean-up crew. We are not a cutting-edge guild and we don't tend to hit the newest raids until they've been out for a while.

Our first night in Emerald Nightmare was tonight - we had to bring in some former guildies and their friends who had done a bit more in the raid, but both tanks (including myself) and two of the three healers were ours, so I think we can count this as a real guild run.

We one-shot Nythendra and two-shot both Dragons of Nightmare and Ursoc.


The only real change from LFR to Normal here is that her breath will now leave rot stains. As long as you have people putting the rot neatly away, it's pretty smooth. This was a one-shot, which felt pretty darn good.

Dragons of Nightmare:

As a tank, I got to ignore most of the mechanics. And having tanked Four Horsemen during Wrath more times than I can recall, the tank-swap on this was pretty easy to pull off. The only wipe we had was due to an enrage timer - we had the mechanics down pretty much from the beginning.


This fight is such a tank-and-spank on LFR that it took us a bit to get into the rhythm. Basically, as a tank, you just have to literally taunt after anything is done to your co-tank. Ursoc still hits pretty hard and I was forced to use cooldowns pretty frequently, but once we got into it, it was no problem (apparently some guilds cheese this by having three tanks going in a round-robin, but we were able to two-tank it and beat it on the second attempt.

Unfortunately, we discovered that Master Looter is now only available if the run is a guild run, and that means that bringing in the four non-guildies we did put us over the edge to be forced to use Personal loot.

Still, it feels great to get new raid bosses down, and it's especially encouraging that we got three down on our first night.

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