Friday, November 4, 2016

Varian and Ragnaros Coming to Heroes of the Storm, Plus Blackheart's Revenge Brawl

Two new Warcraft figures are getting added to Heroes of the Storm.

First, in just a couple weeks, we'll be getting Varian Wrynn, the recently-departed and High King of the Alliance.

Varian will be a hybrid warrior/assassin, who appears to be able to go Arms, Prot, or Fury depending on the talents you take, which should be a great versatile option for adapting to other teams' compositions.

Ragnaros is, I'd assume, a Specialist, who has massive wave-clearing abilities and can even take over a fortress (whether it's been destroyed or not) to get huge and smash things.

Blackheart's Revenge is a brawl in which one side will attack while the other defends. It appears the attacks will need to keep Blackheart's ship from getting destroyed.

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