Friday, September 4, 2015

Moonkin Form Revamp Coming!

Ok, I literally just posted the previous article, but here's another tidbit:

Moonkin Form will be receiving an update in Legion! Hooray!

The Moonkin form still uses the model from way back in vanilla (and other than the horned, Tauren version, is, I believe, just the normal owlbear model found in northern Kalimdor, with different color variations for different races.)

I really hope that this will be an extensive revamp like the Bear/Cat one that happened mid-Wrath. Hopefully the different races will have noticeably different models (going beyond the aforementioned Tauren horns) and different color variations based on hair and fur color. Give Troll Moonkin little voodoo charms on their antlers and Worgen could play up the Wickerman, "scary type of pagan" side of Druidism with their look.

This is fantastic news, especially after a miscommunication at today's Q&A suggested that Moonkin were explicitly not getting a revamp.

So if I go back to Balance, I'll have to undo that Glyph of Astral Form (or Glyph of Stars? Whatever it's called.)

I also hope that they do variations on the form based on artifacts like they're doing for Guardian and Feral Druids, though in fairness, Balance Druids do already get to see their weapons while shapeshifted, so this isn't entirely necessary.

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