Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Artifact Druid Forms

Over on MMO-Champion, they have images and video of the various altered Druid forms based on artifact appearance. Obviously, with all the customization options for Artfact looks, it would have been pretty lame to just have Feral and Guardian Druids look the same regardless of their choices, given that their weapons will be hidden within their forms.

It looks as if there aren't really racial variants on these models, which is understandable, as that would multiply their work by four. But these models are quite cool.



I'm a particular fan of the Stone Bear and Wooden Cat (though it sadly comes just short of a long-running inside joke with one of my friends about Wooden Bears.)

You'll have color variations, presumably based on the color of your artifact, and a lot of really different-looking models.

Moonkin, as far as we know, will only have their ordinary (but new and updated) model, along with, presumably, the Glyph of Stars appearance. But that might be fair, given that Balance Druids will still have the Scythe of Elune strapped to their backs while in their shapeshift form, so they'll still have the customization options every other class has.

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