Friday, November 6, 2015

Tomorrow - Game Systems and Q&A Panel. For now: Other news from Blizzcon!

Tomorrow we'll be getting a panel dedicated to game systems. Given the massive work that they'll be doing for level scaling in Legion, I think there's a good chance that that will be the main focus.

Still, we could find out some stuff about class changes and maybe even professions. We also need some more info on how the artifact weapons will work.

The Beta is supposed to launch within weeks (which could mean mid or late December for all we know) so I wonder if they don't really want to bother getting into the nitty-gritty of class details until the Beta patch notes are up.

We'll get some tidbits out of the Q&A, but to be honest, we usually don't learn a ton of big info from those, as they generally like to announce that stuff on their own terms.

Still, I'd say that this Blizzcon had some pretty big surprises up its sleeves, so I'm not disappointed. I really did not expect to see the cinematic this early.

While I'm 99.99% certain I'm going to be getting Legion at this point, I still can't really bring myself to pre-order a game until it has a release date. I can't imagine Demon Hunters will be available until the 7.0 patch, and I'm sure there will be a date by then. And then, well, Futurama Fry money meme etc.

Also, I still have a level 90 boost. Wonder if that will stack with a 100 one?

Oh man, there's a ton of other stuff from other games.

Heroes of the Storm is getting three warcraft characters. These are Genn Greymane, who transforms from wolf form to human in combat (that might be a real-money purchase for me,) a Dryad whose name I can't remember, and Cho'gall, who's the weirdest hero yet. See, one player plays as Cho while the other plays as Gall. Also, Cho'gall will be gained not through money or gold, but through playing with people playing Cho'gall. (Guess I should play a bunch tonight to try to get that.)

There's also a new battleground called Towers of Doom, some cool new skins (including an Arthas as Castlevania-style Dracula one) and also a hint that the Headless Horseman might be coming as well (though he could be a map feature for the new battleground.)

There's also a new Arena mode, which I assume is more of a deathmatch.

Hearthstone is getting a new expansion/adventure set called League of Explorers, which seems to be, well, Adventure-Movie-themed.

SCII is getting Legacy of the Void in a few days, so not a lot of news there.

Diablo III doesn't have an expansion to announce, but there is a new patch with new areas coming.

And Overwatch will be buy-to-play, with all 21 heroes available from the start and all maps. There's a special addition with cosmetic rewards. It'll also be available for Xbox One and PS4. Also some new heroes were announced.

And that's about it, as far as I know. Phew.

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