Sunday, November 8, 2015

Other Class Details

UPDATE: Class Blogs will show up on the following dates:
Today: Hunters,
Tomorrow the 9th: Priests, Mages, and Paladins.
Monday the 10th: Warlocks, Death Knights, and Shamans.
Tuesday the 11th: Warriors, Monks, and Druids
Wednesday the 12th: Rogues

The class blogs are not yet live, but we have found out a few tidbits that are fairly big:

Death Knight:

We already know that effectively all runes will now be Death Runes. It sounds like Frost is not getting much of a change (I assume they mean DW Frost's rotation - which is a little disappointing, as I hoped there would be some real changes to make Obliterate more relevant.) They teased an Unholy ability called Festering Wounds, which seems to be a kind of DOT that you can trigger to explode on the target. They say Blood should be more interesting to play when your ability use is not determined by what runes are up.

Demon Hunter:

Nothing here - this is more about changes.


Several details here. Balance is getting totally redesigned. It'll still be about DoTs and shooting space-lasers, and of course it'll still have you in Moonkin form, but I think the Balance Bar is either getting scrapped or totally redesigned. Restoration is going to get an extra-powerful, single-target Mark of the Wild as a cooldown. They also want all healers to be able to deal more damage and be able to solo in their spec, which includes a return of Thorns. Feral will be a little less healing-capable and they want Guardian to be less about dodging and more about being extra-tough and able to take big hits and stay standing.


Survival is obviously getting redesigned from the ground up. Some of its cool existing abilities, like Black Arrow (no word on Explosive Shot, but they did mention procs) are moving to Marksmanship.


Not a ton of changes here. Arcane and Frost are getting minor ones, but we don't know specifics yet. We do know that Arcane's got a new mastery and will now have Arcane Charges as a secondary resource bar.


Primarily, they were talking about making Storm, Earth and Fire easier to use. It'll now just be something you toggle and hopefully your spirit-buddies will have good enough AI to pick their targets.


Don't know that they mentioned anything other than downplaying absorbs for Holy.


Holy is going more in a "giant heals" direction, and won't have Chakras anymore. Discipline will focus more on Atonement than shields, and they basically want it to be the most complicated healing spec, where you'll have to cast heals on friends, which marks them for Atonement heals. 70/30 healing/damage ratio. Shadow will have Shadowmend, which does a bunch of healing but half of the heal will fade if the target doesn't take damage while it's up. Shadow's got a new resource instead of mana (and I believe Shadow Orbs) called Insanity, where you'll be able to build it up to do lots of damage and start growing void tentacles and stuff, but you won't be able to sustain it. They want Shadow to feel less like a poor man's affliction.


Combat is now Outlaw, and Outlaw will have a whole column of Pirate-themed talents, like Cannonball Barrage and Grappling Hook. Yes, please. Subtlety, as I said earlier, will have a more unpredictable Shadow Dance as a proc that puts you back in super-stealth and an ability called Shadow Strike.


Elemental and Enhancement will no longer use mana, instead using a resource called Maelstrom. This will be a build-and-spend resource similar to Fury for DHs, but Shaman-themed.


I wrote yesterday about how Demonology was going to change, but to recap - it's going to be all about building up waves of demonic minions to send at one's foes, with a lot more variety to the minions you send out. Also, all Warlocks will now have Soul Shards again, which I interpret to mean no more Demonic Fury or Burning Embers.


We heard earlier that Fury is going to be far less based on stacking buffs and such. Otherwise not a ton of news. They haven't mentioned Gladiator's Resolve, so I'm assuming it's staying. I do think they said something about making Protection less about absorbs and more about straight shield-blocking.

We'll have to wait for Class Blogs to start posting (which are supposed to start this week) to get the nitty-gritty of these details. I assume that they're going to want to post these before the Beta patch notes, but we'll see. (See Update above.)

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