Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Beta Forums Briefly Up on Beta Imminent?

Well, if you're like me, today's major WoW-related stuff is that the Cataclysm timewalking event has begun. I got to run End Time as my first of them, which was pretty awesome (I love the Murozond fight.)

But while 6.2.3 is all well and good, the big thing we're all really waiting for is the Legion beta. Today, very briefly, the WoW forums got a set of Beta forums, which is one of the primary ways in which players can give feedback during the beta test. Blizzard took the forums (fora?) down, but given that they're clearly working on setting these up, it would seem to imply that the beta test is due to begin soon.

I won't say necessarily this Friday (if I recall correctly, Friday is kind of the beta equivalent of Tuesday for maintenance and patches) but this could be an indication that the beta is starting within the next couple weeks.

No guarantees, obviously, but we could get our first, tentative hands on Demon Hunters pretty soon.

UPDATE: On the 19th, two Blizzard-rep twitter accounts hinted that the test might begin soon - though to be fair, they really only hint at it, one being an animated gif of Heath Ledger's Joker saying "And. Here. We. Go!" while the other is just a picture of someone hitting a red button. Not much, but given the context, I'd call it a legit hint.

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