Saturday, May 14, 2016

Monster Hunting in the Witcher III

As all good RPG players do, I'm focusing on clearing out side quests before proceeding on to the main quest line in the Witcher III.

While the main quest has me hunting down a Griffin that is terrorizing the local town, I first did a side quest in which a well (whose water is needed to help a sick girl now that the river water is contaminated with the bodies of dead soldiers) is haunted by a foul ghost.

The ghost is initially not hostile, but I did manage to get too close and found myself in a very difficult battle. Running away and then returning to complete the investigation, I found the body of the woman whose ghost was haunting the well and retrieved her bracelet - a memento that remained to bind her to the world.

Knowing what kind of foe I was dealing with, I brewed some Specter Oil (unfortunately, while I was able to find the Bear Fat needed for the oil, I had to look up online where to find the flowers that serve as the other component to the oil. I wonder if I missed something in-game.)

Thus prepared, I faced down the Noonwraith (the specific kind of ghost she was) and made quick work of her.

I'm actually really excited about this kind of fight being the sort of thing the game focuses on. Too often scary monsters in video games become these total fodder kind of enemies (and to be fair, I have faced some "Necrophages," which seem to the be blanket term for physical undead rather than spectral ones (though the Noonwraith was plenty nasty-looking, mind you) that have died by the handful.) I'm sure that the eventual destruction of the Griffin will also involve this kind of quest-based prep-work, but which might get tedious over a long course, but assuming that it's not too difficult to find the right tools for the job, this could be a really cool way of organizing the game.

I am still unable to scale the UI's text. I guess I'll just have to look up if it's possible.

(EDIT: Apparently this is something they patched in. I'll need to ensure that the PS4 is downloading the pertinent data.)

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