Friday, May 13, 2016

Witcher III and Uncharted

I got the Nathan Drake collection bundle along with the Witcher III for my new PS4 (the collection was bundled with the console,) so I already have a multi-game library, which is always good for a new console.

I've spent more of my time playing the Witcher. I'm still just barely into the game - I'm currently investigating a griffin I plan on killing eventually. The combat seems pretty fun and flowy, though I'm still most definitely a novice.

My only complaint so far is that for some reason the text is really, really small, like they're expecting you to be sitting only three feet from a rather large TV screen (probably intended for PC.) I'm hoping I can find some graphic setting that can enlarge the UI.

I'm enjoying the world of it so far, even if all my action at this point has taken place in the surroundings of a rather small village. The characters seem fleshed out and are well-designed, not looking (at least in this early part of the game) as if they're just copy-and-pasted (actually, there is one old woman I could swear I saw twice.) I definitely appreciate the moral complexity, like an early quest where I find a pair of wounded soldiers from both sides of the war and I have to decide whether the local should bring back his newfound friend and risk being executed for aiding an enemy (or a deserter, in the eyes of the conquering army,) or if he should simply abandon the man to die. Neither's really great, but that's what true moral options look like.

Like a lot of big RPGs, though, there are a ton of systems one needs to learn, and I haven't scratched the surface on alchemy or even getting new equipment. I'm hoping the early quests will help me learn how to do these things.

I've also played the first segment of the first Uncharted game. While the voice acting and actually the character animation are both quite good, the gameplay is not terribly deep, at least at this point. I believe it's a totally linear game that seems to alternate between jumping puzzles and cover-based combat. Still, the tone is great and I do love me an adventure yarn. And I got it for very cheap along with two sequels, so I can't complain.

I also did a quick check (probably something I should have researched beforehand) to ensure that the PS4 could play BluRays (we're a cinephile household, so you can bet there are a ton of BluRays and DVDs here) and I downloaded apps for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Go.

The Witcher is playable without its DLC, but I'm downloading what there is (that's free - which I think might be all of it, unless I'm mistaken) which is taking quite a while (though probably far less now that the Uncharted stuff is all downloaded.)

I'm sure the Witcher is going to keep my busy for quite a long time, and then Legion is going to come out in the late summer. My next game purchase will be Bloodborne (it's the game that settled the PS4/Xbox One debate in my mind) and then I think GTA V, Fallout 4, maybe Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and probably some series that I haven't tried yet, like Just Cause, Saint's Row, or Far Cry.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Bethesda comes out with a single-player follow-up to Skyrim, but so far nothing's been announced.

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