Thursday, May 12, 2016

Specs I'm Looking to Try If I Get Into the Beta

I have not gotten a Beta invite, and while I'd certainly like to get one eventually, I also have a PS4 coming to me today or tomorrow and plenty of other gaming options available to me, so I can't exactly complain.

Still, the beginning of the Beta is pretty exciting, and I'm eager to get my hands on the 7.0 version of the game.

I thought I'd talk a bit about the various specs I'm most eager to try out.

1. Vengeance

Obviously, the Demon Hunter is a brand new class, so both of its specs are going to be top priority for me to play. I like tanking (and that enjoyment of the role is certainly reinforced by fast dungeon queues) and so any time there's a new tank class (which actually, all three post-launch classes have been,) I'm going to want to try it out. While my Death Knight has gravitated toward dps in recent expansions, my Monk is still solidly a tank character. I'm hoping that my Demon Hunter will also be fun to tank on.

2. Havoc

Obviously I'm going to be soloing on my DH as Havoc, and if Vengeance doesn't work out for me, this will be the only other option. So I'd like to get a feel for it as well.

3. Protection Paladin

Given that this is my main, the status of Prot is the thing with the highest stakes for me. I'm a little concerned with the removal of Holy Power and very concerned about the Consecration requirement for Hammer of the Righteous to be AoE (though I know there's a talent that lets you get out of that problem.)

4. Frost Death Knight

This should be changing less. What I'm hoping is that it will play more or less the way that 2H Frost does now. The Rune change is going to make resource management much easier, but hopefully will still be compelling.

5. Demonology

Demo is getting a total overhaul, so I really will need to see what this new spec feels like. I'm actually very sad to see the Mists/Warlords version of Demonology go, but I'm hoping that the new version will be a decent replacement.

6: Enhancement

My first real character was an ensmashment shaman, and they are also getting a pretty radical overhaul. I really want to get a feel for how this spec is going to work now that it has all of its own abilities instead of copying stuff from Elemental.

7: Outlaw

One of the main reasons I also had a sort of soft contempt for Combat Rogues was that there was just no flavor to them. Their choice of weapons didn't feel motivated by anything other than game mathematics. Now, however, the heir to combat is plunging in strongly with the swashbuckler/pirate theme, and its mechanics also remind me a bit of how Assassination works now, which is a good thing.

8. Retribution

Ret is keeping Holy Power, but I think its rhythm is likely to feel a lot different without Hammer of Wrath or Exorcism. Given that I'll need it at least for soloing (and also since we're getting the actual Ashbringer) I definitely want to get a feel for the spec.

9. Arms

Once my favorite Warrior spec, Warlords of Draenor utterly destroyed the Arms spec that I loved. I think Blizzard realizes that they had made a mistake, and what I've seen of the Legion rework of the spec has been promising. is it safe to love again? Or will I just stick to Fury?

10. Brewmaster

Another tank spec, shocker. Brewmasters are getting similar changes to Protection Paladins, losing a secondary resource and instead balancing charges of key abilities. I actually suspect that Brewmasters might feel more significantly different than Prot Paladins, given that they're really firmly reorienting them into a stagger-based mitigation style and away from dodging.

So there's my top ten. This is all very subjective, of course, and there are other specs that are near and dear to me that will be getting lots of attention as well. But that's what we've got here for now.

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