Monday, May 9, 2016

New Console Incoming

When I was a kid (specifically, a pre-teenager kid,) the two big gaming companies were Nintendo and Sega. Both are still around, but Sega has gone software-only. I got a Wii U not terribly long after its launch (I think it had been a month or two,) and while I still think it could have been a fantastic console, clearly it hasn't worked out too well for them, which is why Nintendo is pushing the NX already for release next year.

We do have an Xbox 360 in the apartment, which has helped to satisfy some of my gaming needs, but strictly speaking the only console I ever got that was not Nintendo was a PS2 that I managed to pick up for pretty cheap used not long before the PS3 came out.

While I've managed to coast on the last generation for most of my gaming needs (partially by buying old games I had never gotten around to or not heard of,) more and more I've been seeing games I really want to play that are simply not available on the old generation (which, given that the 360 came out in 2005, I think we can probably pat it on the back and let it retire.)

So I've thrown my lot into the latest iteration of the console wars. This time I've gone with Sony. The primary concern for me is exclusive titles, and while I certainly enjoy blasting around as a space-marine, historically Sony has tended to have the titles that skew more to my tastes. One of the big ones is Bloodborne, a From Software project commissioned by Sony to give them a good exclusive. While I'm certainly going to get it eventually - probably as my second game purchase - I've decided that I am not allowed to buy another From Soft game until I can beat Ornstein and Smough in Dark Souls (I have absolutely no qualms about grinding like crazy before doing so and making sure I have enough Humanity to summon Solaire for what I assume will be at least 20 more attempts.)

So I've ordered the Nathan Drake PS4 bundle, which comes with the three Uncharted games from the last generation (a digital download.) I have never played these games, but it was barely any more expensive than a PS4 on its own, so I figure what the hey. In addition, I've ordered The Witcher III, which I had been eyeing for a while. I love lore in games (see the million posts I've made about World of Warcraft lore) and the fact that the Witcher games are both well-liked as games and based on novels that presumably have a ton of detail in them, well, that makes me pretty excited. (Also the fact that the developers claimed they designed the quests first, before building the maps, which I hope means that no space is wasted.)

I suspect that after Bloodborne I'll probably get Fallout 4 (I'm particularly excited to play in my home city of Boston, even if it is a post-nuclear wasteland.) No Man's Sky also looks utterly fascinating (something that even my non-gamer sister is excited for her boyfriend to get.) I don't know where the hell the Final Fantasy games have gone, though (as far as I can tell, the last one that actually played like a real Final Fantasy game was X,) but they have said they're going to do a remake of VII, which I literally could never even find to play backwards-compatable on my PS2, and I'm given to understand it's a pretty good one.

(EDIT: Oh, and GTA V too.)

Anyway, this should broaden some of the subject matter of this blog a bit.

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