Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos, Tuned for A Less-Geared Player

Having acquired a Cursed Kinhunter Blood Gem - which raises damage against the Kin by 26.something% but reduces damage done to Beasts by like 9%, I figured it was a good time to make another attempt on Ebrietas.

Boy, was I overpowered for that fight.

I didn't one-shot her (well, I had attempted her earlier, so obviously I didn't,) but I was definitely pouring out so much damage that she didn't stand much of a chance. I did enough damage to her body at one point that she dropped her head, allowing for a visceral attack.

But otherwise, the aforementioned gem, plus some rather powerful Bolt damage gems spelled doom for the daughter of the cosmos.

So now I have the Isz Chalice and I guess I can revive the Vileblood Queen (apparently I never picked up her bits after letting Alfred smoosh her, so I wasn't able to use the altar.)

I don't have the Rakuyo or the Gattling Gun (the latter I just need to backtrack for, the former I need to kill those freaking whale/shark/monster giants at the bottom of the well for, I think.) But I have an elevator shortcut that will take me, I believe, directly to Orphan of Kos, so I think I'm almost done with the DLC content.

The DLC stuff is definitely tuned to be very difficult, but the result seems to be that I may have made what remains of the main game a lot easier, thanks to the levels I've gained.

I do want to make sure I have more or less everything I can possibly get out of the game before starting a New Game +. I figure I should also research some weapons to upgrade - I love the Whirligig Saw and will probably continue using it as my main weapon, but it might be good to change it up a bit.

I found a second Blood Rock, but I'm holding off before I use it to upgrade a weapon until I figure what weapon I want to use next.

I'm pretty sure there's stuff I've missed in the Nightmare Frontier and I still have a bit left in the Nightmare of Mensis. I might comb through Yahar'gul some more (though I did go through the other day and found that things were dying quite quickly to the Old Hunters-buffed monster I've become.) I'll probably look up some checklist to make sure I've got everything. I also want to get everything out of the Messenger Shop too, even though I would assume the badges carry over when you start your new game.

That said, when I beat the game, I expect I'll take a break from it and go back to the Witcher III, where I had only just reached Skellige.

It's a little sad to see that I'm so close to finishing Bloodborne - it's that feeling you get when you're in the last season of a TV show or reading the last book in a long series. I know FromSoft is looking to do new IPs in the future, and while I totally understand wanting to put Dark Souls to rest after three entries, I'd love to see more Bloodborne.

Two things though:

Give us a freaking pause button when we're playing offline. Seriously, you can prevent us from switching out gear and items if you want, but this is just humane game design. Sometimes we get phone calls or other real-world distractions.

Give us 20 Blood Vials and 20 Quicksilver Bullets when we die. It's great that we can find more in the world, but it sucks when you're on attempt number four of a boss and suddenly have to take a break and massacre Hemwick again to stock up.

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