Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Whirligig, Whirligig! Also, Ludwig's Kicking My Everything

Well, I've got my Whirligig Saw, and I'm just two blood chunks from getting it to +9, not to mention that I've gotten the Blood Rock from the Nightmare of Mensis, so it can go to +10 pretty soon.

I dunked the Brain of Mensis and made contact, then slew it for its item. Now that I'm very near the end of the main game, I've decided to start pushing into the Hunter's Nightmare. I've hit its first boss, Ludwig the Accursed, who so far is difficult, but doesn't seem insurmountable (I know he has a phase two that is very different though.) One of the biggest tricks is that getting behind him is no safe option, because of his horse-like back legs that will kick you if you're directly behind him.

Ludwig also wins the award for grossest boss, and that's including the Brain of Mensis (who isn't strictly a boss) and The One Reborn. Anyway, I expect to be working on this boss for a while, but there's an NPC I can summon to help (and thus get rid of some of my Insight, which might make facing the Winter Lanterns in Nightmare of Mensis less of a pain.)

While the Logarius Wheel looks really cool, I think I preferred the moveset of the Kirkhammer, which is why the Whirligig Saw is feeling pretty good. It's not quite the same - the Kirkhammer has its stabs - but I like that there's a fast option for the hammer.

I suspect that what I need to do to get the other Chalice materials is simply run more Chalice Dungeons or farm the one I've opened up. I'm given to understand that more Bloodstone Rocks can be found in those, albeit probably not for a while.

I figure I'd like to upgrade my Whirligig Saw to +10 first, then possibly go for the Kirkhammer, then the Logarius Wheel - I know that doing a third weapon will require me to go into the Chalice Dungeons or start a new playthrough. Anyway, I want to be buffed up crazy when I start a new game plus.

Plus, I really need to get a better triangular gem for my Whirligig, and I think the Chalice Dungeons seem to be a good source for those.

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