Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why Are You Attacking Me With a Saw? 'Kos You're a Nightmare!

If you've been following my Bloodborne posts you'll notice that it's been a while since I triumphantly posted about beating a boss. That's because the Orphan of Kos is freaking HARD. But I have defeated it!

Oddly, I actually found his phase 2, when he starts doing more damage with his attacks and has a larger range on many of his abilities, to be the easier one. It's kind of a damage race. My kill had me actually get the last little bits of damage as he was summoning his massive lightning attack, and while I did die to it (out of Blood Vials and at like 25% when I got the kill,) thankfully there aren't any enemies between the elevator and the boss, so I was able to recover without any problems.

I did brute-force the fight a bit, grinding until I had something like 45 strength and vitality. But I took him down, and that's what counts.

The reason I found phase two easier is that he does less comboing - his attacks are harder, sure, but they're easier to dodge and there's less follow-up. Phase one has you dodge one attack only to be combo'd by the next three.

Anyway, at this point I believe I have everything out of the Old Hunters content, meaning that I can go back to the main game. I suspect that the levels I've gained working on The Old Hunters will make the rest of the game significantly easier, but that's fine.

I need to consult a checklist or something to ensure that I'm not leaving anything behind, but I think I'm ready to start the endgame. I have only Mergo's Wet Nurse, Gehrman, and the Moon Presence to go. I guess I should consume those umbilical cords? Maybe after Mergo.

Orphan of Kos definitely takes the prize for hardest boss so far, and while I've heard Gehrman is pretty tough, I'm going to guess he'll probably take it over all. I've heard that MWN and TMP are rather easy in comparison.

I'm also curious to see how much more difficult New Game+ is tuned. On one hand, I'm sure it's designed with the assumption that you're pretty well-geared and leveled, but I also bet that I'm a bit beyond that, given the DLC stuff.

I also wonder about gems. I've run through Hemwick several times grinding echoes, and I often get low-ranked gems I'll never use in there. I wonder if in a new game there will be higher-level gems dropping everywhere. I don't know if it's been luck or what, but I've been stuck with a fairly low-ranking triangular gem in my Whirligig Saw for a while now (it is a +9% to all attacks, so not terrible.)

Anyway, once I've got everything checked off, I'll head into the endgame.

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