Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Micolash Cage Down

Well, I finally got Micolash down. Honestly, he might be my least favorite boss so far. I don't mind the puzzle-like nature of the chase through his library - in fact, that's probably the cleverest part of the fight. But the two phases in which you actually fight him are flawed in different ways. In the first (essentially phase two if one and three are the chase parts) he just stands there and won't even do anything unless you get close, at which point he'll only do Augur of Ebrietas. So you bait it out, side-step him, and smash him.

Phase four, though, felt kind of cheap. His attacks feel random, and A Call Beyond tends to stun you long enough that he'll cast another Call Beyond. It may have something to do with distance - I was able to stay close and get his melee attacks instead, which aren't too hard-hitting - but the feeling when I got the boss down was more relief than triumph.

Still, I've got my cool head cage thing, and I've got only four bosses left in the main game.

Now that I have a +9 weapon and 30s in both Strength and Vitality, I think it's time to head into the Hunter's Nightmare. I don't want to set the gamestate to "endgame" just yet, so I'm holding off on Mergo's Wetnurse.

Despite not being crazy about Micolash, I have really enjoyed the game so far. It feels like Dark Souls stripped down to something a bit more manageable, particularly with the simpler weapon upgrade path (maybe it was a mistake to make the Black Knight's Sword my main weapon in Dark Souls, but it feels like I've gone far enough that it would be hard to swap.)

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