Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Timewalker Rewards Coming in 6.2.2

Well, it looks like the flying mini-patch won't actually be the very last thing we get in Warlords before the Legion launch event.

Timewalker dungeons were finally implemented in 6.2, giving us weekend events that allow us to run some old Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King-era dungeons, scaled down, but with scaled-up loot rewards.

It's a feature that we've been looking forward to for a long time, and I imagine is quite popular (I sure like running them.)

Now, currently the way it works is that you get 660 gear with a chance for it to be Warforged up to 675. The weekend event also gives you a raid cache with Normal-mode Hellfire Citadel loot in it after doing five of them. While that's a great catch-up opportunity for alts (my Monk ran these a lot,) there's an inherent problem to it, which is that this is a feature that inherently scales to your level, and so the rewards ought to as well.

While I imagine we might see the rewards buffed as we get to level 110, I think the latest solution is a great one - cosmetic rewards!

There are a bunch of new mounts, pets, toys, and BoA reputation tokens that are going to be earned by running Timewalker dungeons. This is the kind of system that they can constantly expand upon, a bit like the Darkmoon Faire.

Beyond the gear in the dungeons themselves, I'd love to see time-travel-themed transmog sets.

As of yet, there is a blue variant on the Steel Warhorse mount that will be purchasable with Timewalker tokens, and a new Dragonhawk mount (that currently has an old placeholder model.)

6.2.2 will also be bringing with it a bunch of new rewards for holiday events, in addition to some store-bought mounts (including a magical moose) and a preview of the Blizzcon 2015 pet (Murkidan - an Illidan-themed Murloc) and the Legion collector's edition mount and pet (both Fel Stalkers, those new, thinner Fel Hound models.)

Does this mean the pre-order for Legion is coming soon? My policy is always to wait for a release date before I put money on the table, but I hope that the Legion beta starts relatively soon (they said "this year," but that could be as late as Dec. 31st.)

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